Blockchain: what you need to know

Our series of Blockchain articles are comprehensive yet simple to understand and explain the legislation, benefits and issues around using the technology.

Blockchain Definition: “a system in which a list of records or transactions that are linked and secured in ‘blocks’. Each new piece of information is added to the end of the list (producing a continuously growing chain) in a way that is instantaneous, permanent and irreversible.”

  • The basics of Blockchain

    If we had a Bitcoin for every time we heard the word “blockchain’, we’d be (virtually) rolling in it. Distributed Ledger Technology, or DLT, has taken the commercial world by storm, but what is it? And what legal issues might arise from a technology that is poised to completely revolutionise the way we transact with one another? Read more.

  • The Problem With Smart Contracts

    Far more than a fleeting or niche innovation, smart contracts may have applications in sectors as far reaching as financial services, supply chains, car sales importation, real estate and insurance. However, although they pose exciting opportunities for a great range of businesses, there may be some significant legal challenges on the horizon. Read more.

  • Protecting Intellectual Property with Blockchain

    An overview of areas of law that could benefit from the real-time, distributed and immutable nature of blockchain as intellectual property (commonly referred to as “IP”). Read more.

  •  Co-operatives and the Power of Blockchain

    Blockchain is rapidly finding its way into all sorts of enterprises, presenting exciting opportunities for businesses to optimise their business operations. It might be surprising to consider that there are few pairings that are more natural-and perhaps less expected-than blockchain and co-operatives. Read more.

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

    Whilst Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has certainly created much hype and challenged the legal and financial landscape, Blockchain is much bigger than Bitcoin. It has the potential to revolutionise multiple industries as well as alter our social and economic infrastructure. Read more.

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