Workplace Investigations

There are times in the life of an organisation when simply leaving a problem to resolve itself internally is no longer viable and workplace investigations may be required. Such situations often involve uncertainty as to what has occurred, what is happening, or what may happen. It might be a case of alleged harassment, a breakdown in workplace harmony, or inappropriate conduct. Alternatively, it might involve allegations of misbehaviour, or even suspicions of criminal conduct, such as fraud or theft of information.

These are not situations to leave to the unqualified, no matter how well intentioned. Using an expert in workplace investigations can remove bias and inexperience. In either event, courts and tribunals can be critical of investigations if they are not carried out carefully, and in accordance with the rule of procedural fairness and natural justice.

As Canberra’s premier employment law specialists, Bradley Allen Love has its own integrated in-house investigation capacity. We are able to undertake discreet factual inquiries into a broad range of commercial concerns.

Importantly, when you engage Bradley Allen Love to perform your workplace investigations, all of your communications with us are protected by legal professional privilege. This is not the case with non-lawyer investigation firms.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Workplace complaints/grievances and behaviour-related inquiries
  • Code of Conduct and administrative investigations
  • Sensitive structural and procedural reviews
  • Criminal and other serious investigations
  • Reviewing organisation policies and procedures
  • Assessment of the situation
  • Communication with all involved parties
  • Interview witnesses
  • Reporting
  • Complaints procedures

If you have a question about work place investigations and how they relate to you and your work place, please contact us.